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This is an absolutely stupendous jacket. Extremely well designed, engineered and constructed. The fabric is soft and lightweight, yet replete with hidden hood, liner, and lighting system. The yellow colour dramatically stands out during the day, and as lit up at night, makes one extremely visible. One feels instantly safer - day or night. The easy to recharge battery is unbelievable tiny, yet powers the led system for hours. For cyclists and runners, this jacket rocks. People stop me to ask where they can get one. It is a marvel. I don't know how it could be so well engineered and sewn for the price. If there is one piece of clothing you will want to have on, this is it. Safety envelopes. A gotta have!

John Shields

This Jacket Rocks!

I just got the jacket in time for the dark winter cycling season. The route to work follows a dark, windy shoulder-less road for the first 5 kilometers. For the first time I really felt as though I could be seen long before the approaching vehicles needed to pass me. The rechargeable battery pack is very simple to use. The Jacket even came with a small 2 button cell back up battery that could be kept in a cycling bag if the power ever runs out.

I was looking for hi-viz but did not expect to find something like this.

Palmer H Wright

Great for Riding, Cars give me a wide Bearth!

I can't count how many times I have been asked where I got this on my early morning rides. I am so visible, cars will pass by wide as I can been easily seen from a great distance. Very comfortable and easy to recharge the battery.

C. Tolar

Always asked where I got it!

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