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Los Angeles Times: Wearable gadgets pump up workouts

December 13, 2013

Likes: Makes night runs and rides far safer. The jacket lights up like a Christmas tree, with blinking lights along the spine, shoulders and arms claimed to be visible for a quarter-mile. The key technology is flexible LED wires small enough to be sewn imperceptibly into the seams of the garment, which would not be possible with wider, more commonly used LED strips. You don't feel the wires or the tiny 1-ounce lithium battery, which plugs into a USB port to recharge. The lights have seven different flash sequences and stay charged for eight hours. Other nice features include a two-way zipper, reflective strips (handy if the lights run out of juice) and a tuck-away hood. Soft and comfortable, the jacket can safely be scrunched into a ball, machine washed and tucked into a small travel pouch, also included.

Dislikes: None


Fast Company: Shine Bright In The Night, With this LED-Infused Cycling Jacket

March 07, 2013

The Badger 360° LED Jacket puts a tiny bike light to shame: Now your whole body is a bike light.


Bike Radar: Badger 360 LED Jacket

March 15, 2014

Polyester shell with built-in LED lights

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